Saturday, December 17, 2011

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself....

It's been a long time since I've posted anything of interest.  But then again, it may only be interesting to me.  Oh and maybe to that one sympathetic blog stalker I acquired along the way.  The one who attempted a not so innocent web search for "Magic City Girl", found me, and decided to never leave.  So I'm writing for the two of us now.

Staying true to the game though, the rest of this blog probably won't be all that exciting either (sorry Magic City Fans).  I'm pretty much just me.  Although I've struggled with an alter ego at times, I'm more comfortable going back to being simply MzG or the letter E.  You decide.

 Although, I'm a teacher by profession, my thoughts are a bit random.  Even my honey gets frustrated when I blurt out what I'm thinking while he's talking.  Maybe because it rarely has anything to do with what he's saying.  Plus I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm not paying attention. I really am, it's just that for whatever reason if a thought pops in my head, releasing it immediately into the atmosphere gives me some type of gratification.  I've just blessed the world with a new fortuitous thought.  Doesn't "fortuitous" make it seem worthy to be passed on?  Does anyone else do that? Anywho changing lanes again.  I figured this reintroduction should come with some type of Q & A.  But why put answers out to questions that haven't been asked? So I'll leave it up to you.  Ask me a question and I'll attempt to tell you the answer.  But just in case, you want to skip all that and get straight to it, feel free to read 25 Things About Me.  Trust me, not much has changed.  While you do that, I reserve my right to plead the fifth.

Until next time, much love and laughter....journey light.


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