Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Problem With Alter Egos

Ever go to reach for that perfect necklace that you specifically purchased to match up with your little black dress, only to discover that the other necklaces beside it obviously got a little jealous and wrapped themselves around it in an attempt to choke the life out of it? Two days ago, I spent 30 minutes untangling a necklace that I just found in knots again today. What the Hellmans?! Oh, what does that have to do with the title? Well just like my jewelry, I've been trying to bring some type of organization to the many identities and corresponding online accounts I have created in the past few years in order to make them productive again. No, nothing fraudulent. I don't do well with handcuffs, but that's another story for me to share later. *wink*

I have 6 email accounts, 2 Facebooks, 2 Twitters, 3 Bloggers, 1 Wordpress, 1 Tumblr and a few more "expressive" sites that are either locked by myself or the site host changed all the rules of the game mid-journey. Therefore I have a few monikers and am trying to find a way to connect the journeys without confusing those interested. I've come to the conclusion that the most popular happens to be 'DrkTearz'. I received confirmation of this when I went to my school district's summer school teacher orientation last week and a young lady that I know in the spoken word community called me by the name. I found myself looking around to see if anyone else heard her. Whew! No one! Yay for another day in keeping those two world's separate!

Next, there's 'MzG', which actually was used by a few of my former students and continues to be in circulation amongst my close friends. This is surely due to my love/hate relationship with being an educator. But just for clarification, it's actually not the educator part that I struggle with. One of my favorite places is within the four walls of my classroom with my students smiling at the "Ah ha moments" without someone reminding me that the bulletin board outside my classroom needs to be changed by the 5th of each month. But I digress.

Then, there's my online dating adventures....although I walked away from some things I could have did without, I did create a couple of cool names. One was an all-around fake that I will not disclose, but it served its purpose. The other was more personal, as I had advanced a few steps with self discovery and learned a little more about gratitude. Therefore, my Tumblr was blessed with the name 'All Smilez No Tearz'.

(Oh and I would tell you about GeGe but I'm trying to keep this post family friendly)

But alas, I had to make a decision. Since DrkTearz is so deeply connected to the poetry scene and I'm saving All Smilez No Tearz for another project, MzG seems to be the perfect middle ground. She is the girl next door, diverse individual that still knows how to keep things simple :-)
Sweet Dreams

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