Wednesday, January 14, 2009

25 (not really) Interesting Things About Erika

Ok, so I actually did this last night, as I've been getting tagged on facebook left and right. But I lost it and was contemplating doing it again. So in the spirit of being viewed as a team player : -) here it is again.

  1. I actually hate these list things (so does that count as a bonus)
  2. I can't fall asleep if I know the lid is up on the toilet
  3. I flipped my car over several times and landed upside down on November 2, 1990, and my best friend did the same thing on November 2, 1991 (hence the scars we have on our left hand)
  4. I tend to write about love, lust, desire when I'm not in love vs when I am
  5. My very first concert was at Sugar Hill in 2007 to see Eric Roberson
  6. I hate cigarette smoke unless I've been drinking and then I'll smoke one
  7. I played a saxophone thoughout middle/high school and had an opportunity to go to FAMU on a scholarship ( I didn't love it enough to rise at death hours for practice)
  8. I have been target shooting with a .22 rifle, 9mm, and AK-47, but I would never shoot an animal (maybe a person j/k)
  9. I have run over several squirrels and chipmunks though
  10. I have a thing about keeping my shoes in the boxes they were purchased in, therefore I have issues with purchasing shoes from the rack at Macy's even if they are cute as hell
  11. I have a thing for containers period, so my organization requires organization
  12. My friends will never know how many articles of clothing I really have, because I absolutely loathe ironing and rely heavily on carefree clothing and the wrinkles to fall out
  13. My alterego is not DrkTearz but GeGe (courtesy of Smoochie)
  14. Once I'm inside I don't want to go out, but once I'm outside I don't want to go back in
  15. Although the 2 dudes I dated after my divorce were hard to shake, a guy I never ever dated began to stalk me when I was in my early 20's (yep, notified the police, parents, restraining order, etc)
  16. I prefer a stick over an automatic
  17. Although I've received many compliments on my legs, I don't do mini's - I tried skorts in 07
  18. Everytime my trip to visit my mom comes to an end, I cry like a baby and have to be consoled
  19. I hated raisins up until Sunday, when Mechelle put them in this snack mix with popcorn, now I'm addicted
  20. I warm up my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the microwave
  21. I trust most people until given a reason not to, then I'm just done with them
  22. I'm sentimental about experiences I've shared with others, but not sentimental about the person
  23. At my old church, I spoke (I don't say preached) several times and was a guest speaker at a couple of the churches we fellowshipped with
  24. I've never been on a cruise
  25. I find myself straightening the clothing out on the store racks before I look through the merchandise and putting like items together before I walk off
  26. Although I will flirt and laugh it up with a lot of guys, I never approach someone I'm truly attracted to and therefore won't say much to him (unless of course I've had way too much liquid courage and that's rare)

Ok, so I think if you took the time to read this in its entirety, you're suppose to do it too - Tag You're It! Journey light!

Luv, peace, blessings



Anonymous said...

I haven't been a cruise either, but I can definitely sleep even if the lid is up on the toilet (lol). I've never warmed up peanut butter sandwiches in the microwave, so I might be willing to give that try.

Anonymous said...

Uh...sorry...I don't feel like thinking that hard. 25 things? Nope. Anywho...I'm out of the same 'boat' with you.*teehee* Have yet to take a cruise. I actually have a great respect (not fear because I love water)for water, so much so, it has kept me from getting on a big ass boat and floating out to the middle of nowhere. I believe in big ancient sea creatures and sunken cities so my imagination is definitely overactive when it comes to the water. Plus, I truly feel that my energy will be the cause of the next catastrophic ship sinking.