A Natural's Holy Grail


I've tried so many things that I just finally decided to get back to basics, so I've taken the diy route and it's working!!!

Shampoo bars or castille shampoo
DIY Avocado Hair Mask
ACV Rinse 
DIY Flaxseed Gel
DIY Hair Oil 

As with most natural hair divas, it's hard to come across a product that promises deeply moisturized hair, super detangling powers, elongated curls, no white residue, etc., without being tempted to try it. Eventually you will stumble across things you love, fall out of love, and stalk the creator if they decide to discontinue the one's you just can't do without. Below you will find the things that I'm loving on at the present. Just remember this list is ever changing and what works for me. I've provide the links for additional information about ingredients and uses.



Deep Conditioners

EDEN BodyWorks JojOba Monoi All Natural Deep Conditioner (weekly)

Protein Treatments

Nutress Hair Moisturizing Protein Pack for Color treated Hair (monthly)


mainelement:love's Aloe Conditioner  (cowash/leave-in)


Organic Root Stimulator Nature's Shine

-Coconut oil
-Grape Seed oil
-Avocado oil
-Olive oil
-Black Jamaican Castor oil
-Peppermint essential oil


DPL Curl Revitalizer 
Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel (w/diy mix)