Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dancing Like A Magic City Girl

Ok so several days ago I tweeted a comment about an advertisement I received to learn how to dance like the girls at Magic City, a popular gentleman's club in Atlanta.  Therefore this post was inspired by a few of my Facebook friends who were interested in the details. Now, if you are a little hesitant to try one of these classes, let me say that I took an exotic dance class at my gym when I was working on me as I was going through my divorce. Women of all ages (oldest 67) were in the class.  The one thing I learned more than how to have fun with my future guy (if that happens), was how to have fun with me.  The class was awesome. I met some great women and it’s a real confidence builder. Now I’m not sure how I feel about using the poles at Magic City to learn a new trick on.  Something about that just doesn’t feel quite right.  So I suggest you bring wipes.  :) Sorry, did I go too far? LOL, anywho, I overlooked that for the moment and called to find out what they were charging and decided to check into some other spots I was aware of.

First up, apparently many of the Magic City Dancers have been approached by women wanting to learn a trick or two to try out at home on the hubby or boytoy ;)  Whatever fits.  Therefore, Magic City is planning a class to be held on Saturday May 29, 2009 from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm.  The cost is $40 and the bar will be open.  Appetizers will be served as well.  If the turnout meets approval of the owners of this fine establishment, monthly booty popping classes may become a staple in Magic City’s current offerings.  Magic City is located at 241 Forsyth Street, Atlanta, GA, 404.584.5847.

Next, I came across a meet up last month called “Realistic Pole Dancing for Housewives” that was created by Pole Waxers University Pole & Exotic Dance Studio.  Now because I’m a divorcee, I felt a little discriminated against and asked would a meet up be offered for single women.  The response “Of course, you are more than welcome to attend”. The basics….this meet up is an advertisement for class offerings and friendships.  Various classes are offered for different levels.  Beginning May 8th, 7:00 – 8:00, is Stripper 101, which is a beginners class that will run 4 weeks for $99.  In this 4 week class series you will be instructed on Beginners to Intermediate Pole Dance Spins & Combinations, Booty Shaking-Popping,& learning Inversions.  Inversions are 'upside downs'.  Ha, learning something everyday. Anyway, for more information, go to or\ They are located Dance Studio, 1647 Canton Road. Marietta, GA 30066, 678.558.4842.

Now I was also going to post the the rundown for, but I don’t feel like writing much more. However, I will leave you with this. During the month of April, they offered a free 'teazer' class each Saturday.  No signup, just show up ready.  They are located at Pole Studio, 2148 Hills Ave, Suite H2, Atlanta, GA 30318, 404.399.3358.  There is also a second location for exotic non-pole dancing classes.  Until next time.......journey light.

Luv, peace, and overwhelming joy,


A Praying Wife said...
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Unknown said...

Do you mean Saturday May 30th or Friday May 29th?

And Dance411 has a great pole class too that includes series. Let me know if you are gonna sign up at "The City" lol.