Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Got My (Cooking) Mojo Back!!

To know me is to love me! But to TRULY love me is to accept that I refuse don't cook with any regularity. I use to and I can. I just don't anymore. I prepared many great meals, hosted several family dinners with loads of compliments, even whipped up homemade pancakes or biscuits with home-style potatoes, etc., on the weekends. Needless to say, since it's just me now, dining out is way more appealing. But no thanks to websites such as Pinterest and Food Gawker, my spark to cook was recently reignited. Unfortunately my efforts to recreate those dishes that caught my eye and had my stomach demanding "feed me" didn't come out all that appealing.

My failed attempts consisted of cookies flat as pancakes, cocktails that tasted like Robitussin, and herb crusted chicken that was just chicken. So, I had to remind myself that cooking involves a passion to do so. I had fallen among those who were just going through the motions. We can't have that, so I had to redeem myself. I decided to run back to what I know. Holiday cooking!! A New Year's Day dinner would be the perfect starter. I didn't go all out though. I kept it simple.  In a labor of love, my Crockpot and I produced an AWESOME Boston butt roast using a recipe for a dry rub (definitely a keeper) from A Southern Fairytale. Most of my friends don't eat pork, but the man-child does and I figured since I hadn't really cooked specifically for him in years a long time, I would do so now. He can sometimes tap dance on my last nerve but he's still my only favorite son. ;-) On the side, I prepared collard greens w/smoked turkey, seasoned mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas w/smoked turkey tails, and homemade corn bread (but sweet). The man-child whipped up a pecan pie (YUM). He's a great cook which was yet another reason for me to stop cooking.

I really need to buy a camera, but you get the point. Over the last few months, I would score a run. This time I happened to "knock it out the park" with everything. Yes, I know these are my own words, but I also know it happens to be true. How do I know?? Because, the man-child has been eating repeatedly and sleeping for 2 days now.

Lol. So I guess my cooking drought is over. But I'm still curious -am I the only one who finds all these inspiring dishes on Pinterest but the redo falls flat? What's your story?

Until next time, much love and laughter....journey light.


Unknown said...

Lol funny! I need to get my cooking mojo back. Love it.


Chantal said...

Seriously, that pork looks yummy! I have to try that recipe :-)