Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just My Thoughts: Learning, Living, Loving

Cancer (6/22-7/22)
Today’s horoscope: You will be struck by visions of what can be today -- when you look at a child, you'll see a glimpse of the talented adult they might grow up to become. When you look at an empty lot, you'll see the elaborate mansion that could stand there some day. It's a day of fanciful imagining and creativity, so apply your most positive way of thinking to everything you see. Imagine things the way you want them to be, and you will give the universe some hints to go on.


Early GM Beautiful...Today I'm grateful for God, His arms, His peace, His voice, and friends who've always been there...you never know what someone else is going through, so try being the smile in the middle of confusion instead of the frown...keep loving one another
Yes, I know I’m a bit early lol. I toke a nap and it was way longer then I intended, which means I’m up and thinking. But I promise to try to make this quick ;-)

The last few days have been up and down for me, yet eye-opening. Often I have to go around the world to process how I need to deal with certain things/people. But I feel like that journey doesn’t take as long as it use too. Well sometimes J. Anywho, I spent some well overdue quality time with my closest friends, had some painful talks, learned about Hajj, experienced the best Sunday worship experience I’ve had in a while, and faced a few fears. But more then that after going through several emotions I’m feeling like I’m learning to put me second when it matters most. Not when it comes to winning friends, but when someone else’s burdens/fears out rank my own. I’ve come to realize more and more with each passing day that everyone is struggling with something and this is not the time to question what or dwell on the past. This is the time to be there if you truly consider them a friend.

I don’t know the specifics of what everyone is going through (I don’t need to). I pray that each of you that reads this (tagged or untagged), find joy in the simple things. Remember those things that made you laugh the hardest or smile the widest. When you find yourself needing to cry, consider your tears as the cleanser your soul, mind, and heart need to make way for something new. Sometimes we need a good cry to purge all the old stuff we’ve been carrying around that is useless or keeps us in pain. I pray that your desire to understand why doesn’t create a feeling of anger that consumes you. I pray that each day you wake with a renewed spirit and mind. And I ask that you do the same for me as these things are easy to say but often difficult to apply to self. This is not specific to any particular religious affiliation. This is about learning, living, and loving. Which brings me to my last request, I ask that you continue to love one another. Love you all. Until next time...journey light.

Luv, peace, and an abundance of blessings,

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