Monday, January 4, 2010

Just My Thoughts: 2009 Reflections

As I reviewed my 2008 reflections, I found that I could almost repost it as is. Our economy is still taking hits, high unemployment rates across the nation continue to be an issue, and then there's the worries I have about my only child. And although I dealt with a few personal disappointments myself, such as being unemployed for a short period of time and feeling like I'm having to start over yet again, I've managed to find the silver lining.

For exampe, my resignation from my school district allowed me to be rehired into another assignment I enjoy. My temporary lack of income did not leave me homeless. Although, I've prided myself on a certain amount of independence, moving in with my cousins allowed us to become close again and assist them as well. Which leads to the "forced" independence of my son. lol. I say that because as much as I stood my ground on him moving out, I've wanted to throw him a life jacket on several occasions but couldn't because of my own lack of resources and a place to call my own. In a recent conversation we had, I discovered that he's finally moving in the right direction for him (not for me) and I'm good with knowing he'll be alright.

What I will repeat from that 2008 reflection post that remains the same is this:

.......regardless of these things I still have life and the ability to see the sun rise in the east and set in the west. I was blessed with a son that was designed just for me and not one that has caused me true heartache and pain, but just a few headaches.:)I can never say I haven’t loved or experienced the feeling of being loved. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing both. I have a career that I still love....

Until the next time……journey light.

Love, peace, prosperity, joy, happiness and an abundance of blessings to you and yours,


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