Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7 Days of Gratitude: Day 7

DrLife: Spiritual practice of the week: For the next 7 days, wake up and write 5 things that you are grateful for BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE!

Each day the outlook becomes a little brighter…….and today is the 7th day

1. I’m grateful for extraordinary people that appear ordinary. In the past two weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting what seems like ordinary people. They may even be referred to as common folks. But there’s nothing ordinary about them. They are those who like to see others do well in life and offer people the tools to do so without being asked. These are people I was just having an ordinary conversation with and they provided me with sound information that can benefit all areas of my life. These are the on time blessings that don’t fall from the sky but walk up to you and ask “How’s it going?” I’m glad I acknowledged their presence instead of looking the other way.

2. I’m grateful for loving what I do. Often times, I get upset when I look around me and find that the climate on my job is not too pleasant. However, I still love being a teacher. I cherish the ah-ha moments that appear in a student who’s finally grasped a concept he was struggling with and now takes off running with it. I am often tickled by the ones who can’t stand me this year, but take a detour to walk past my door the next year just to say hi. I am excited when I see them a few years later and they share with me all of their accomplishments and future plans. I am honored when reading an email or having a conversation with a former student who is now a senior tell me how mean they thought I was but realized it was for their own good. I love when I get a new student and she tells me “My sister told me you don’t play”. LOL. And I respond well I’m glad she warned you.

3. I’m grateful for this thing called poetry. Writing is something I learned to do well as a child, because quite honestly I was embarrassed at times to be vocal. I was often teased for the grunting noise I made at the end of a sentence but couldn’t hear myself do. So the one thing I knew I could do well is look good on paper. Therefore I wrote how I felt. But then I stopped and concentrated my energy on everyone and everything around me. A few years ago, I decided when it was time to focus on me to just write. I hate that I waited so late, but I’m glad that I started when I did. Writing has been perfect therapy for me. It has allowed me to cleanse my mind, connect with great people, and heal my heart. For me there is no greater feeling than riding done the road, walking through the mall, sitting on my patio…..and having a burst of words flood my thoughts stringing themselves together in a rhythmic dance searching for a scrap of paper as its final destination.

4. I’m grateful for inner peace. At this very moment, if I screamed so loud that my neighbors could hear me, it would probably be justified. However, I won’t. It will not change anything around me, nor will it fix what is already broken. About a year ago, I surely would be throwing a tantrum right now as I have some turmoil going on around me. However, yesterday when I felt most challenged, I maintained. This morning I recognized my growth. I finally arrived at inner peace. Something I have gotten close to before, but never quite grab hold of long enough to maintain. However, this time I think I’ve got it! With uncertainty about my son’s direction, my career, my education, and how I will continue to jump over these next few financial hurdles, I am not giving up hope. I am celebrating what I have done and am at peace with what I have not. I know that everything has its own timetable and I’m ok with that.

5. I’m grateful for God’s favor. There is no way possible certain situations have been resolved in my life without God’s undivided attention. Oh I know that sounds cocky, like He was only thinking about me. But it’s quite the opposite. Because I know me better than anyone else and I am fully aware that I could cease to exist at any moment, I have to acknowledge that God has stopped me from drowning a few times. I even recognize that He has allowed me to have something I don’t need because I begged for it so long…..and once He gave it to me, it was later that I realized it wasn’t what I thought……so I wanted Him to take it back and quick. LoL. But of course, I had to deal with the consequences and work my way through some things before He moved those burdens out of my path. Therefore, it would be difficult for me not to see that God has always taken care of my needs and my wants.

This is the 7th and final day that I will be posting my grateful list with details. However, I am planning to make this practice a fixture in my daily routine. Have you tried it yet……what are you grateful for? Until next time…..journey light.

Luv, peace, and an abundance of blessings,

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