Friday, June 26, 2009

7 Days of Gratitude: Day 2

DrLife: Spiritual practice of the week: For the next 7 days, wake up and write 5 things that you are grateful for BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE!

So much is going on in the world around me.....I'm on day 2.....

1. I'm grateful for laughter. I remember going through life and people always telling me to smile. If only the knew how much I do smile & laugh. I've learned that regardless of my circumstances, to keep smiling, keep laughing. Laughter truly is the best medicine and I have laughed myself out of some things that could hold me back from living.

2. I'm grateful for love. I think one of the main reason I married when I did is because I had never experienced the love that my ex displayed for me. I was very flattered and moved. Therefore I was never a question in my mind about how he felt about me. I've experienced the feeling of someone loving me for me and wanting the best for me. Now that I know what that feels like, I can't accept an imitation.

3. I'm grateful for motherhood. I only have one child. Who is now a man. It is the only pregnancy I've had and although, I was not married. I believe he was the one child intended for me. He hasn't grieved me in the way I've seen other mothers grieve. He isn't in the streets, nor jail. He has no kids. So as mad as I may get with him now, I remind myself that God gave me this particular child for a reason.

4. I'm grateful for a my upbringing. Ohh Lawd, the things I COULD say. The other night over dinner some friends and I strolled down the memory lane of discipline. But that discipline is what shaped me along with the love and care I received as a child and still do feel as an adult. The seed my parents planted in me was placed deeply. That is what allows me to be who I am without apology.

5. I'm grateful for childhood memories. When I think of tragedies that occur in the world, especially the death and abuse of children, I can't fathom what their lives must have looked like. I remember our whole family(cousins & all) spending time together year round. Sledding in the winter. Playing volleyball and baseball in the summer. Huge gathering for each holiday. Riding the greyhound with my cousins to visit our grandmothers every summer. Churning homemade ice cream at the family bbq every weekend. Even beatings with switches at those same bbqs and being told "thats your cousin y'all don't ever fight". Going to the A & W with my dad on the weekends for chilidogs. Packing ourselves in my aunt's car to go the beach. Trying on the school clothes that my mom brought home, because that's the way it was. Building a snow fortress and sand castles. Learning how to ride a bike even though my dad let me fall the first couple of times. My mom having hot chocolate waiting as I peeled out of the moonboots, snowmobile suit, leggings, extra sweater, hat, and mittens. My dad teaching me how to beat his friends at chess. Sitting between my mom's legs, while she frenchbraided and beaded my hair. My grandmother teaching me how to crochet and macrame. I'm so glad my family allowed me the opportunity to just be a child and not force my growth with adult situations and problems.

I'm sitting here smiling as I look back. How blessed I am to experience these things and blessed are you? Until next time....journey light.

Luv, peace, and an abundance of blessings,


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