Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just My Thoughts: Honey, Did You Try That Door?

CancerCancer (6/22-7/22)

  1. You're feeling bright and hopeful today, so you can't let anything or anyone put a damper on your positive attitude! Avoid situations where you'll be forced to argue or even disagree with others. When you think good things will happen, they are more likely to happen -- the universe can get the hint when you project positive energy out into the world. Soon, you can expect a good opportunity to come your way, so get ready to get busy on a project that could bring you more money.

    Today's Quote: When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us ~ Alexander Graham Bell

    Hey Beautiful Ones, 

    As you can see I'm still up and during times like this, my brain runs on autopilot while my body says "Maybe we should go to sleep" :) So I ignored all that and decided to check out my horoscope. As I've mentioned before, I don't follow it daily and it only registers with me when I can find a positive message in it.  So of course I haven't read it since my post on trust.  

    Anywho, this one has me wondering how many times have you looked up to ask yourself, "Why did that happen?" or even "When did that happen?" only to find that your query goes unanswered because you are concentrating too hard on the problem and how to get things back on track.  

    All too often when things go awry in my life, I have found myself focusing on the problem vs. the reason it NEEDED to happen.  Huh? Did you assume I was going to say "vs. the solution"? I'm sorry. No my love, I said it the way I intended.  Most of the time my first reaction to what I think is an issue is "How can I hurry up and fix this?"  But I'm learning that all things can't be corrected and most likely have occured by design.  Hence, one door closing while another opens. However, it is sometimes very difficult to see that in the beginning. Since, I am somewhat of a perfectionist and hate feeling like I failed, I find myself deliberating over situations longer than I should.  Sometimes giving more attention to something or someone, who in turn cannot give that same level of attention back.   Only to realize days later that there was a reason why that particular situation or circumcstance occurred.   And once I realize that, I must let go.  Hmm, let go......can i switch gears for a moment.......

    When my dad taught me how to ride a bike, I remember vividly how he gripped the back of the seat and walked alongside me down the sidewalk.  But when I got to the top of the driveway, heading toward the street.......he let go. Y'all know I fell right? He helped me up and stated "Now that you know what it feels like, you got that part out of the way and we can learn how to ride this bike." For those that may think this cruel, I'm the oldest and he has no boys.  Trial and error baby. When I say my dad may have something to do with my sister's and my short attention span for bullsh*t, opinionated dispositions, and the like, that may be a bit of an understatement.   LOL.....but the fact that he allowed me to fall did not deter me from trying again nor figuring out that I may fail today but the next day, oh just wait and see, that day will have a different ending.  

    Sometimes, a quick solution is not the key to happiness at all.  The truth is we have to be honest with ourselves and ask "When that door was made available to me did I pay attention enough to use it?" It is understandable that vision's can be clouded due to stress, anxiety, or simply a desire to be loved allowing us to see something that isn't.  But, now we must take the time to see something different and walk into it.  You never know it may be the smile you need to brighten your day.  Until we meet again......journey light.

    Luv, peace, and clarity,


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Shana said...

Actually, I can agree that a 'quick' solution is 'never' the key to 'true, long-lasting' happiness. Thanks for sharing.