Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just My Thoughts: Positivism

Today's Horoscope:
 CancerCancer (6/22-7/22)

Your friends are adding a lot of positivism to your life right now -- and they represent the answer to the puzzle you've been trying to figure out. One of them also has an excellent idea that can help you initiate a new plan of action for that latest goal. They know how to turn on the ambitious part of your brain and get you to see the endless possibilities that are around you. Call them up today and make plans for lunch or brunch. Pick their brain and get the energy you need.

**Hmm, I'm thinking I need to call/text/email Smoochie, Tiff, or Tommy cuz according to this, one of y'all have a word for me :)***

Good Morning Beautiful,

Yes I'm talking to you! and you over there too! So go get that cup of coffee and pay attention! LOL. I normally don't follow horoscopes, but every now and then I will see something that peeks my interest and drives me. I know many balk at horoscopes as superstitious mumbo jumbo, but I think its all about perception.  I believe IF there is a positive message in it - it will activate you to gravitate toward the prediction presented making it your reality.  In other words, the horoscope's message does not become true until you act upon it. And I'm not mad at today's message :) 

One of my goals this year (and every year) is to improve my finances and savings. Last week I attended my Girls Just Wanna Have Funds meetup and the topic was "Multiple Streams of Income" or what most of us refer to as a side hustle.  One of my friends, is probably the master at this concept and she regularly blogs about finance and how to take it to the next level.  Well with this particular meeting, I went in already armed with several ideas but left with the attitude that this is the time to turn my aspirations into action!  Therefore, one of the first things I decided was I must rededicate myself to what I'm currently doing, which is teaching.  I love what I do and believe there is a way to work certain aspects of it into my future endeavors.

This may not be the case for a lot of people.  Most of us will become bogged down in the routine of our jobs and despise it later.  As for me, I have a love/hate relationship with my school and still see the possibilities and I am ready to move on.  However, I believe in order to do so I need to master my current career while preparing to transition into another.  I must go in with the attitude that "Today will be different", because that attitude will help me to endure the disappointments that come with doing my own thing.  Therefore, if I make what I'm doing right now easier, my mind will be free to focus my attention on planning my future.  Not just going to school to secure another degree to increase my pay, but tapping into resources that will increase my happiness and fulfill my ambitions.  Although, I wanted to change schools, I do not want to make moves simply because the "grass looks greener".  I want those changes to come because I see the rewards and have a true desire that I am willing to work at diligently.  I no longer want to just be good at what I do, but take hold of my own ideas, cultivate them and watch them grow.  Until the next time.......journey light.

Luv, peace, and fulfillment,



Freddie said...

Popped in to say thanks for the visit and took time out to go through your blog. Very intelligent concept about life you've got going here... I am so inspired. Your "about me" write up just blew me away too... That is so creative. I'm hooked on your blog too... Keep 'em coming.

Hillary said...

Hey E..had to follow you girlie..we ahve so much in common especially the sign of "Cancer" I know your good people and very creative...we are kind and always willing to help folks.. Keep writing sis..and let's hook up for brunch, lunch or whatever to share some ideas and maybe collaborate on some things:) Have a great

Shana said...

Makes plenty of sense to me. My problem is I have many talents but I don't have the 'passion' for most of them that will encourage me to pursue them wholeheartedly. I am building on other things though that I believe will. Thanks for the thoughts.