Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just My Thoughts:Perfecting My Shine for '09

Each year as the clock strikes midnight in our respective timezones, millions are prepared to abide by whatever resolution deemed necessary for their personal growth. Most often I hear resolutions based upon the idea that something should be given up. Something that is normally attached to a physical craving such as cigarettes, sweets, sex, etc. I tend to cringe at the perception many people have about resolutions. As many times, they are viewed as an oath made, that once broken seems to no longer be of importance for the balance of the year. But how does one dispose of something supposedly so vital to their growth? And then wait until the next year to start over again? Hmm.....I don't know, but the crazy thing is I've done it myself. So I stopped placing so much importance on resolutions years ago. Afterall a resolution is simply a decision to do something. The action that follows is what gives it value. Therefore the promises we make to ourselves should factor in the possibility of failure IF we presume to believe at 12:01 am on January 1, 20xx, we will never again - smoke, drink, or curse - eat pork, beef or candy - have or participate in lustful thoughts or actions, and so on.

When reassessed regularly, I've found my energies are better utilized setting goals and objectives throughout the year, just as I do for my students. Taking a page from my friend's blog, Mia's Misadventures Continues..... I decided to truly think about the goals I want to meet by year's end and post them here. So with that being said, I have considered all the things I hope for and placed them in 4 core concepts for personal growth.

1. Improve My Overall Health and Wellness
Last year, I had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst that was 11.0 x 10.3 x 10.5 cm when discovered in May but a little larger by the time I had the procedure. Along with it, was another tumor in the tube leading to the opposite ovary. I opted to have my doctor only remove what was necessary, leaving me with the option to have another child(with another procedure), but moreso to avoid going into menopause. Therefore, I still have the fibroids that cause me some unexplicable pain at times. I'm also asthmatic, which my body reminded me of not too long ago. However both can be managed if I do my part.

2. Improve My Finances and Savings
Due to the fact that my son graduated from highschool (YAY) last year, I am catapulted into the singles tax bracket (BOO) this year. So I have been making adjustments in preparation for that, along with everything going on with our economy. Plus, I'm still recovering from various financial woes that seem to hit at once (foreclosure, taxes, and ancient student loans). Whew, thank goodness I had a good healthcare plan. As you can see, I have a long journey ahead of me.

3. Improve my Spiritual Growth and Giving
Prior to being married and while married, I was very committed to my church. Since my mother-in-law was my Pastor (really still is), my divorce not only separated me from my husband, but also my church and church family. Although I have went to other churches, I've found it difficult to regain that level of committment and quite honestly, I can't say that I'm looking to do so. I am a believer of God, but I also know that there are a number of avenues to practice my beliefs without having to attend church services weekly. I'm not ruling church out, just thinking I can utilize some of my time in other ways.

4. Improve My Relationship With Self
For the longest time, I have been in the practice of placing everyone else's feelings, problems, and needs before my own. I have been a friend to some who are not even friends to themselves. I have overextended myself to the point of becoming depressed and eventually shutting myself off to everyone around me. By design, I understand that women are nurturers. But now, I really don't have anyone to be responsible for but myself and I intend to truly love and enjoy me.

When setting goals, I must restate what Tiff mentioned in her blog. Goals should be attainable. They should be within reach, so as not to be a road to disappointment. I realize that none of my goals have a definitive action or measure. That's by design. My goals are ongoing and reached through objectives. I will be sharing my objectives, the means by which I plan to achieve each goal, as the year progresses. At the end, I will be able to list what I achieved vs. what I didn't. Until the next time.....journey light.

Luv, peace, and an abundance of blessings,



Pretty Curls said...

Happy new year and here is to new beginnings xx

I have my resolutions to go through too..this year i need to make changes..Real ones.

Nice blog, will def be back xx

Anonymous said...

Love number 4. "Improve My Relationship With Self." That's the most important one and the one many people need to concentrate on. You really aren't any good to anyone, if you're not good to yourself. So, great resolutions to shine in '09.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good word to me. I have pretty much taken over the 'conversationalist' and 'devil's advocate' role in a Yahoo group I belong to, posting daily, thought-provoking questions and the discussion of individual goals for the new year was one of them. I explained that I have never been one for resolutions. They put me in mind of the holiday season - a whole bunch of people putting forth energy towards something that should be present throughout everyday of their existence. I am a constant work in progress, focusing on bettering the core of me which will manifest and nurture everything from the inside out. Yes, I want to be this and that and accomplish so much but it all starts at the very core. Once I achieve that level of self love and worth that exceeds anything any outside entity can provide me with, I will soar in everything else. As long as I stay true to me, I am well on my way. Thanks, sis.