Wednesday, June 5, 2013

*Blows dust off blog*

Hmm, since I'm not working summer school I need to do something with myself. Should I share all the fantastic teacher tips and plans I'm working on for 2013-2014? Uhm. No. Teaching is my career, not my life. Which leads me to why I'm really here. My life has been all about winding down the last few months of school. Sad I know, but when you're single and your one and only is an adult, it becomes very easy to become totally consumed with your other "kids". Oh and although no longer having a car has been working for me, it apparently doesn't work for most fellas. Funny because I don't ask anyone to roll me around Atlanta and according to my sis, I'm always on the go. But that's another post altogether.  Anywho, now that all of that is behind me and before I allow online PDs and Common Core inspired publications to fully engulf my summer, I'm renewing some commitments. One in particular -that book I've been promising my mom. Until next time......journey light.

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