Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simply Tell Yourself...Live Deeply

"People living deeply have 
no fear of death." 
~Anais Nin 

Today many of my friends are attending a vision board gathering. I opted not to. After posting this, I have a long list of not-so-grand tasks awaiting me. Not to mention, I've finally accepted my issues are not designing my vision(s). It is implementing them. 

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine who is truly a free spirit and an inspiration to many around her including myself, posed a question. "What is your BIGGEST DREAM?? If there were no considerations and money is not a factor." Now surely this is a question we've all pondered and tossed around with friends numerous times. Personally, it is a question that I cannot answer seriously without first addressing a major obstacle. FEAR. 

I think of myself as a positive person. I'm all for trying new things. I believe in loving and living. I'm still working on some hang ups though and there is still a large portion of my life that I don't leave to adventure.  As hard as I try to combat those pessimistic thoughts that run through my head, I cannot totally escape them.  I over analyze. I try to line up my conditions perfectly in order to at least achieve a 91% comfort level before leaping. I make excuses. But I'm getting tired and have finally reached an uncomfortable level of satisfaction within comfortable surroundings. So I'm learning to tell myself more and more - start REALLY LIVING NOW!

Journey light,

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N/A said...

I'm right there with you. My problem is I've lived so much in the past...I am not remaking myself into how I want to live in the present. I'm not that vibrant, promiscuous, spontaneous,over the top, wandering free-spirit I used to be. Part of it interest have evolved and I don't necessarily want to embrace some of those things anymore. Part of it is I'm bogged down with spiritual, physical, mental, financial issues that I have allowed to completely dictate my circumstances. I want to get back to being spontaneous, adventurous, exploring, pondering, active, and happy. Here's to looking forward to that journey. *hugs*