Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching Up on Goals

First let me say, "Did y'all see my President doing the bump?" LOL. Uhm, so as you can see, it's pretty easy for me to fall off on this blogging thing. But before I say anything else I want to give shouts to Geri & Shana for keeping me company here on Blogger. This blog feeds to my facebook account, so the majority of the comments are there. But it feels good to come here and see I have visitors! You two are the bomb!! **Remember when people said that? :-))

Sooooo, I've been trying to figure out how structured this blog should really be, but because I have so many ideas, I can safely say it's not coming to me today. What I did want to share was the progress on my goals. Yay!!

As some of you may recall I had 4 categories : Improve My Overall Health and Wellness, Improve My Finance & Savings, Improve My Spiritual Growth and Giving, and Improve My Relationship With Self

One of the first things I did this month was go back and review everything I had already committed myself to in some shape, form, or fashion. By doing so, I found that many of the resources I needed were right at my fingertips. For instance, is an excellent resource for finding groups that are aligned to your personal goals and interests. Although, I already belonged to a few groups, I joined a few more.

On Saturday, I attended my first Girls Just Wanna Have Funds meetup in order to work on my financial stability. This meeting focused on budgeting and tracking expenses. Although, I have my own way of doing so (which fell apart somewhere), it was encouraging to listen to others who have had similar experiences and moved beyond them. The next meeting's topic is "Multiple Streams of Income", in other words "side hustle". But it's on the same day as B & Rod's Wedding. I'm trying to see how I can work this. I might have to miis the first part of the ceremony. lol, j/k.

I also had the opportunity to attend two meetups organized by my friends, Dionne ( Ahh Atlanta Massage & Spa Meetup) and Mechelle (Trinity Fusion Fitness). On Sunday, I experienced my first outing with Ahh Atlanta and what an experience it was!! We went to JeJu Sauna in Duluth. This was a lesson in Korean culture, relaxation and healing all bundled into one. Now, I will admit it was weird at first, but once I got over having to be in the buff, I was good. LOL. Anyway, if you live in Atlanta, get past the buttnakedness and go check them out! I will definitely be going back. Trinity's meetup was earlier in the month and Mechelle hosted a fitness party featuring ChaLEAN Xtreme. I must admit, going in I hated the kickboxing type workouts and raisins. Mechelle won me over on both.

Last but not least are my two poetry meetups, Quality Poets Society and Soul Cafe. I have been a member of QPS for a while but am working toward staying focused in my poetry and attending the meetings on a consistent basis. Although I attended the last workshop on publishing, I can't say that is my motivation at the moment. I enjoy the freedom of words and interacting with other writers. I find it enlightening to hear the various perceptions realized by one topic. Soul Cafe is new to me, but Monday the meetup hosted an open mic and food drive. After chatting and exchanging ideas, I just may be doing more than I had even projected in the next few months on the poetry scene. But I'm going to hush for now. I'll report back on that at a later date. :) Now I think in meetups alone, I have touched on all my goals. So I'll have to come back tomorrow to tell you more. Until the next time....journey light.

Luv, peace, and an abundance of blessings,



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out. I know exactly what you mean about keeping up with the blog thing. I always fall off. Start off with a goal of one a day and start off strong until you really have a few days with nothing really to say. Now I am looking at the 23rd of January and I've posted 8 blogs this month. I think the more reasonable thing to do, at this point, is aim for several a week instead of daily. I am trying to get back into other activities and studies so that allows me the time to concentrate on those too. Meetup is a good site. I belong to a couple of groups on there. One that I am very active in and meet with twice a month. There are things I have made a mental note of to accomplish throughout this year that I am doing okay on. I've become so accustom to inconsistency that it still affects every facet of me even today but I'm using some holistic methods to clean my aura and energy fields so I can really move forward. Luv ya*

Hillary said...

okay Erika...truly there is such a thing as 6 degrees of separation. I know michelle from trinity fitness and i just attended my first open mic with quality poets society saturday at SIP! Crazy...Love your blog and the name..from one cancer woman to another...get it girl!


Hillary said...

make sure you give me you personal email so I can keep in touch that way to chicka...
peace...Hill..and your right it's not Michelle but how bout her email is trinity fitness too...and she does fitness too..strange, anyhow, keep doing what you do's great! I'm also doing a booksigning on the 7th at Get Coffee at 11am a breakfast sit and sip type thing..hope you can come out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out and the blog roll. Wanted to mention that your facebook picture is toooooo cute. As far as the president bumping and grinding, I got a laugh out of it too!

Sounds like you've been super busy and I think it's a great idea to review your goals and see where you are in relation to them. I've heard you're more likely to achieve goals when focus and reevaluating your success would be just the thing to help you stay focused. So good job!