Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just My Thoughts: 2008 Reflections

As the year comes to an end, I am reminded that allowing one door to close will also make way for another to be opened. With that in mind, I, like so many others, desire to make the changes necessary to facilitate a 2009 that will surpass my 2008. Although the year may have included such disappointments as the failure of our economic structure and increases in the unemployment rate, for many of my family and friends blessings were in abundance. My mom purchased a home. My son graduated high school. Several of my friends became engaged (some to each other). Job promotions took others across town and even across the country. New love flourished for quite a few. New life is taking shape in the body of a two. And yet another set sail for Harvard to pursue her aspirations.

I could dwell on my son not exactly following the path I desired for him or even the short period of time that I was without a home. I could complain about the confirmation of not being able to have another child and the surgery that went along with it. Or maybe I could rant about my failed relationship and job woes. But I won’t. Because regardless of these things I still have life and the ability to see the sun rise in the east and set in the west. I was blessed with a son that was designed just for me and not one that has caused me true heartache and pain, but just a few headaches.:)I can never say I haven’t loved or experienced the feeling of being loved. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing both. I have a career that I still love. And even though I lost a friend, I can say I had the pleasure of knowing him. So to you I say keep the good close to your heart and learn from the rest as it guides you in your future. Until the next time……journey light.

Love, peace, prosperity, joy, happiness and an abundance of blessings to you and yours,



Anonymous said...

And how beautiful it is watching the sun set in the west behind the mountains. All is true that you state... Wishing you the best years ever...Luv ya*

Anonymous said...

Great post. I always think it's better to look at the blessing that we do have rather than all the things we don't have. If people focused on that, they'd actually see their blessings are countless. A great post to start the new year off the right way.