Thursday, December 22, 2011

Polyvore: Fashion Plates for Grownups

Green w/Envy

Along with the ups and downs of weight gain, I find myself struggling to put together an outfit I can still wiggle into without something popping off.  My daily ritual begins with me standing in my closet pushing aside several cute things I can no longer wear.  It ends with me mentally exhausted and grabbing whatever is baggy, comfortable, and boring.  Therefore I've recently decided to make more of a conscientious effort to accept that I will go through these phases, but I can still exit the house looking and feeling my best.  First task, revitalize and reorganize my wardrobe.  Enter  Have you seen this site!  I'm sure I'm late on this but I LOVE it! Not because it's a grown-up version of Fashion Plates and I can pretend to put together outfits I can't afford.  No, for me I see women of various sizes wearing items that I have in my arsenal paired with a new piece for a jazzy look.

If you haven't tried this site or don't see the purpose, think of it as a one stop shop, as well as a way to put together an outfit within your budget.  Also, if you always find yourself standing in a closet filled with clothes and nothing to wear, try searching for one of your items and matching it with other pieces. As for me, I'm accepting my current size and finding shapes and silhouettes that will embrace my "curviness".

Until next time, much love and laughter....journey light.



Eklctc said...

I will have to check this site out. I am one who opts for comfortable rather than trendy but it's something I said I would work on.

Thanks for sharing.

Typhanie said...

Love the colors you chose here!